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"Thank you JapanCupid!"

5 months ago i submitted to japancupid, i had just planned a vacation to Japan and was hoping to get some intel and maybe meet somebody. soon after i came in contact with a lovely lady. and we started sending messages, then mailing for a month and then skype, on my travel from Holland to Japan i arranged to meet her and stay with her for a few days, it turned out to be a wonderful time and we hope to see each other soon. in the meantime we chat and skype.


"Thank you JapanCupid!"

Thank you very much Japancupid!!! I've finally found someone thanks to you that I can see my future with!


"Thank you JapanCupid!"

My lady will be meeting with me in sydney, australia end of juy 2013 and i will give you up date then, thank you, i have been on 3 other dating sies and 99% are scammers. when i found your site that it is from japan then i new that i could trust the japanese people to be the best trusted dating site, thank you graham, sydney australia..july 2, 2013.


"Thank you JapanCupid!"

Dear Sirs,

I really thought I would never be able to find somebody through the internet, after dating girls from different backgrounds and different countries I came here with the last hope to find a love however I wasn't believing in love anymore and thought it was a fairy tail story for kids but now that I met somebody so nice and with such similar life story and with whom I am happily staying now I really can say: yes real love exists, it's not easy to find it and it;s a real luck and treasure but believe there is such kinda of life and I feel so lucky to find my half. So thank you for creating this and other sites I hope they can help many people to find their real and the only one partner!


"Thank you JapanCupid!"


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